• Jewish Community Centers
  • YMCA or similar facility
  • Municipal Recreation Facilities
  • School Recreation Facilities


  • Hotels and Motels

  • Hospitals Rehabilitation Facilities

  • Spa's

  • Nursing Homes Facilities for the Disabled


Our Versatility

Family Lifeguard® is intended primarily for new construction swimming pools.  It can be installed in some existing pools, however, existing pools may require custom manufacture and installation, as well as possible pool structural changes.  Wheelchairs can be self-propelled onto the platform which can then be lowered to any safe depth for therapy.

The infirm or disabled can enter the pool with the platform at the raised level, be lowered to therapy level, and raised back to exit the pool..  Children can crawl or play on the raised platform with no water present.  The depth of the pool determines the ultimate depth to which the platform can be lowered.

Family Lifeguard® can be designed to be installed at any of the following locations. 

Pool Safety For Everyone

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